Release, Renew, Restore

Individual therapy, couples therapy, and relaxing therapeutic retreats to release pain, renew hope, and restore light.

Individual Therapy

Discover powerful tools to help you release pain, let go of hurts, and become the person you
were meant to be.

Couples Therapy

Restore your marriage by learning valuable tools that will help you heal your marriage and


Release past pain and present behaviors, renew your capacity to thrive in daily life, and restore
your ability to create a purposeful, brighter tomorrow at our one-day or three-day retreats.

My Expertise

Grief Counseling

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I help individuals, families, and groups to work through the stages of grief and other negative emotions that may complicate healing from grief so that they can move forward after loss, whether that loss is sudden or expected.

Faith Crisis

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As a Christ-centered therapist, I work with individuals of any religion who are struggling in a faith crisis to process shame, guilt, or other negative emotions in transitioning to find renewed hope and peace for a brighter future.

Strained Relationships

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Learn to let go of offenses by releasing pain, renewing hope, and gaining healthy tools to
connect and communicate more effectively to achieve true happiness and greater joy in your relationships.


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Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, reframe and reshape your negative thoughts that are not serving you to finally bringing you back to your true authentic self.

Suicidal Thoughts

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Work through suicidal thoughts and come up with a safety plan before the problem or crisis occurs. Learn specific coping techniques and skills to reduce the risk of suicide and leave better equipped to deal with suicidal impulses or thoughts.

Family Member Conflict

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Healthy relationships are an important part of a happy family. By learning the steps of
forgiveness and gaining valuable tools for communication, you can release pain, renew hope, and restore light in your home and family.

Marriage Conflict

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Discover tools that will help you strengthen your marriage relationship and deepen your ability to connect. Release pain by learning forgiveness, renew hope by finding better ways to communicate and connect, and restore light by showing up as your authentic self in your marriage.


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Divorce can bring up feelings of loss and betrayal. Using the tools of forgiveness, learn how to process negative feelings to release your pain, renew your hope, and restore your light so you can move forward with greater freedom and happiness.

Betrayal Trauma

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Learn to cope with and deal with the anger, shame, guilt, self-blame, and depression that can result from feeling betrayed by someone who you thought you could rely on but violated your trust significantly. Learn to release the hurt and pain and find freedom in rediscovering you again.


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Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and ways to deal with it in a
healthy way such as mindfulness, breathing, dietary or exercise changes, reducing stress, and restructuring negative beliefs and thoughts that can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Self-Worth and or Perfectionism

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Do you find yourself often talking negatively about yourself, comparing yourself to others, pleasing people, feeling needy or unworthy, self-doubting, and having a poor self-image? You may be suffering from self-worth issues or Perfectionism. Learn tools to practice self-compassion, avoid self-destructive thoughts and criticism, be more assertive in expressing needs and opinions, and be more resilient and accepting of you.

Stress and Kinesiology

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“Stress is the inability to cope with what life presents us.” Many clients come to me for stress
testing. Using the Graf Stress Management Kinesiology technique, I can help you identify stresses that are blocking you keeping you stuck, and help you finally release, move forward, and heal. Let go of your heavy burdens and leave feeling lighter and brighter with tools to help you move forward.

Hello! I’m Wendi!

Wendi Christensen, LCSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 26 years of experience in the field of social work, I help clients let go of hurts and offenses in order to find and restore light. I have worked with a wide variety of clients and situations including the elderly with Hospice and Home Health, a part-time ER crisis worker at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, eight years as a school social worker, and over 18 years running my own private practice.

My Approach & Values

As an intuitive Christian counselor, my mission is to help elevate individuals to their higher self by helping them RELEASE PAIN through the gift of forgiveness, RENEW HOPE using tools for immediate stress relief, and RESTORE LIGHT through the healing power of gratitude.

As a Christ-centered licensed therapist, I work with any religion or people who are in crisis to dispel darkness and restore even greater light.

With a lovingly direct approach to therapy, clients will leave my office with the necessary tools they need to move forward in their lives.

“Restoring what you cannot restore, healing the wound you cannot heal, fixing that which you broke, and you cannot fix is the very purpose of the atonement of Christ.” —Boyd K. Packer

"Before coming to Wendi, I had never gone to counseling before. I didn't really know what to expect, but I hoped to learn some skills to improve the anxiety I had been experiencing. As I've visited with Wendi, not only has she has helped me to overcome my anxieties and fears, but she has also empowered me by helping me to forgive past and present hurts. Thanks to her skills and compassion, I now feel more confident in myself, and I feel joyful about what I have to offer."


"Wendi is hands down the best. If you’re looking for a Christ-centered counselor who knows her stuff to effectively help you work through your stuff, Wendi is for you. She partners with you in this vulnerable process to help you feel safe and get clarity. She teaches you to eliminate what doesn’t serve you and strengthen what does. And expertly gives you tools, connection, and confidence to become your best self with Him. Whether you’re an adult, teenager, couple or family, she has an applicable skillset to help you successfully shift. "

Connie Sokol
Bestselling author, National speaker, TV contributor, president of Disciple Thought Leadership

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